Friday, April 18, 2008

On Thursday morning,

I strolled into work and opened Outlook. This is always slightly terrifying, because my inbox is usually teetering with urgent emails that needed answering two hours ago.

But this time, there was only one email waiting for me - from HR.

It said:

"Heather, we are trying to reassign some clients and we were wondering what your plans for maternity leave are."

Good heavens, I hope I won't be taking maternity leave anytime soon! I think that miracle was meant to only happen once...


Janssen said...


And hooray!

(About the blog, I mean, not about your impending arrival :)

Cari Dahl said...

I am also excited about your blog, believe you me.

However, Mommy Heather does have a nice ring to it. :) Just kidding, Heather my dear.