Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It was all that and a bag of tortilla chips.

Monday was Cinco de Mayo, and I celebrated it, white-girl style - with pounds of chips and salsa, virgin strawberry daiquiris, a piñata cow named Pepito, and shouting olé! more than both you and I had ever thought humanly possible.

Question: How had I gone my entire life without every celebrating this blessed holiday? I have no good answers for you. Because I haven't had this much fun since Earth Day.

The bad news is that all the piñata-ing and daiquiri-ing left me completely wired so that I didn't get to bed until three. And then I woke up and had piñata candy for breakfast. And then I spent the rest of the day in a sugar-induced hangover that left me feeling ill every time I moved my head. And believe me, you move your head much more than you realize.

But today I'm feeling spiffy, and I still have two bags of tortilla chips left. Siete de Mayo, anyone?


Janssen said...

Argh! Need to live near you and your tortilla chips. Curses!

~Bekahjo said...

Probably the only reason we were never roommates is because I could absolutely NEVER keep up with you. But I'm pretty sure that is what made you one of my favorite work partners. You amaze me!