Thursday, July 17, 2008

I better keep my phone on

Priscilla's coming home tomorrow!

I've been practicing my screams for when she calls me. I can't decide between shrieking "PRISCILLA!!!" or "PAUL!!!"

But it will probably end up more like, "AAHHHHHEEEEEEEENEVERLEAVEMEAGAIN!!!!!!!!"


Janssen said...


Janssen said...

Oh, and obviously I totally vote for Paul.

Sherry said...

I vote for Paul, since I created that nick-name and all.

Sometimes, all I can think all day is "PriscillaPriscillaPriscillaPriscilla." That and "BatmanBatmanBatmanBatman."

Jennie said...

Oh my goodness! She comes home tomorrow?! Holy Cow! Tell her hi for me!

Amanda & Bryce said...

Oh wow! Tell her hi for me too! I saw you driving the love machine the other day...good times, good times.