Monday, August 8, 2011

No more moves

Confession: I am hopelessly addicted to Mahjong.

It all began when my husband left for a week for Scout camp, so I was suddenly forced to entertain myself. Also, we had canceled Netflix the week before. Also! Holed up the basement, we don’t get TV channels.

Need I explain more?

Last night, I was playing game after game using the touch pad of my laptop, and things were not going well. I think I lost over 15 games in a row.

I mournfully turned to my husband.

Heather: No more moves! And my Majhong finger is sore!!!!!!


Later, in bed:

Heather: No more moves!!!

Dustin: So we’re still on the Majhong thing? Maybe you should

Heather: Stop playing?

Dustin: No, I know that’s impossible. I was going to say that maybe you should use a better strategy.


smarteze said...

HAHA. Dustin cracks me up.

Sherry said...

Tell Dustin he has earned one virtual high five.