Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"He hung up his bag of jokes."

I don't often post about work, because, well, people who do tend to get fired. But here we go.

Enter, hmm, let's call him Horrace, because (1) I think he'd hate that name, and (2) I'm going to call him Horr for short, and if there's anything that makes me snicker, it's nicknaming someone Horr.

So, Horr is a partner at The Firm. Tall. Gray hair. Owns a clock that plays love songs on the hour. BYU sports fan. Favorite pastime is to sneak up behind me and scare of the living daylights out of me - whether or not I'm on the phone. It makes him giggle like a school girl. It makes me paranoid.

Earlier this week, Horr came up to my cube and asked me if I had read any of Stephanie Meyer's books.

I replied that I had, completely expecting him to make fun of me relentlessly.

"I'm in the middle of Eclipse right now, and Bella keeps making me so angry!"

Wow. Wasn't expecting that. But that's what he's my favorite.

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