Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free fallin'

Dustin and I have the, uh, blessed opportunity to teach the 7-8 year olds at church. Last Sunday, we went around the room asking them to each say one fun thing they did during the week.

Heather: Now do you want to hear what we did this week?
Kid #1: Sit at home and watch TV?
Kid #2: Yeah! That's what my parents do!!

Punk kids! We went paragliding!

Image stolen from activeflight.com

It was so awesome. Go leave the safety of your homes and jump off a mountain right now.

Actually - it felt incredibly safe. And when you're floating in the air, it's very tranquil. (Although while you turn, you free fall - which is SO EXHILARATING. SO EXHILARATING THAT I'M SHOUTING AT YOU THROUGH THE INTERNETS.)

The only really freaky part was at the beginning, when I was strapped into the parachute and my instructor at the top of a mountain, gazing down at the drop below.

Instructor: Start running as fast as you can.
Heather: That's totally natural!

But yes. I highly recommend it. SO FUN.

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Janssen said...

May I just say how much it warms my heart to see you posting again? No one makes me laugh like you do.