Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I can almost taste it.

Kayla has terrible acid reflux, and a few days before Christmas my doctor told me to go off dairy. (Look kid, we need to talk. First you make me miss Thanksgiving dinner, and now this?)

I will not lie – it has been really, really hard. You don't realize how many foods have dairy until you can't eat them. I was incredibly close to giving up on nursing, but luckily for her, I am an accountant and the thought of spending $100 a month on formula makes me die a little on the inside.  Also, I quite enjoy eating Nutella straight from the jar while still losing weight.

I am crossing my fingers she will outgrow her sensitivity by three months like many babies do. But you know you have hit a low point when you stare at the leftover pizza your husband brought home from work and then eat the crust off of a slice. Oh cheese, why have you abandoned me???

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Naazju said...

Oh no! That's really, REALLY tough! And dairy-free cheese tastes absolutely HORRID.

My fingers are crossed for you that you can enjoy milky goodness in a few weeks!