Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sugar rush

Last night I was overcome with a pregnant-sized craving for cereal, so I ran to the grocery store and came back with four boxes.  I may have problems.

This morning I had Honey Nut Cheerios (my favorite) for breakfast.  Which reminds me - anyone who says Honey Nut Scooters are as good as Honey Nut Cheerios is lying to you.  But Choco Chomp? Vastly superior to Cocoa Krispies.   There are nuggets of clumped-together cereal...it's like eating vitamin- and mineral-fortified candy.

I might have gone a little crazy eating Chomp clusters straight out of the bag last night.  The husband had to cut me off so that I would finally wind down and go to bed.

And while I may have had too much sense to eat chocolate cereal for breakfast...it's lunch time.

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