Thursday, January 31, 2013

Speak Up

It's official, I am getting old. I no longer understand technology.

At work, I begged to get Windows 7 two (or was it three?) years ago because I wanted the bubble screen saver and the snipping tool. (I have excellent priorities.) And I got a new personal laptop with Windows 7 last summer.

Yet I still do not understand how this newfangled operating system works. What the heck are Libraries and where are they stored? Should Libraries even be capitalized? Was My Documents not good enough? And perhaps the real question, why am I too lazy to spend the 30 seconds to figure it out?  When will I stop saving all of my documents to my desktop and finally give in to The Man?

And why does Blogger only send me email notifications for some comments posted to my blog but not all of them? (Really...does anyone know?)

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